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Insurance companies behaving unfairly?
Insurance companies say "price optimization" is about efficiency. Consumer advocates say it's being used unfairly.
Are insurance companies behaving unfairly?
Insurance companies say "price optimization" is simply a way to be efficient. Consumer advocates say it's being used to dodge risk-based pricing.
USI Insurance Services Acquires Webb & Greer Insurance Agency
USI Insurance Services announced today the closing of the acquisition of Webb & Greer Insurance Agency, Inc., , based in Tempe, AZ. Terms of the tra
Data mining being used to set insurance rates, critics cry foul
Insurance is a different kind of product. You need it to get a mortgage and you're supposed to have it to drive a car. That's why the industry is highly regulated.
Aspen Insurance Turns Down Buyout Offer
Aspen Insurance turned down the offer to be acquired by Endurance Specialty for $3.2 billion, citing that it is not in favor of its shareholders.
United Insurance Holdings Corp. Schedules 2014 First Quarter Financial Results and Conference Call
United Insurance Holdings Corp. , a property and casualty insurance holding company, announced today that it expects to release its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014, after the market closes on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 and will conduct its quarterly conference call to discuss those results and review the outlook for the Company at 9:00 a.m.
Great American Insurance Group Honors Mondics Insurance and Homeplace Insurance
Great American Insurance Group?s Trucking Division is honoring Mondics Insurance Group and Homeplace Insurance Brokers, Inc. with its prestigious A1A Award.
Insurance firms should leverage new media
The Nigerian insurance industry contributes a ?whooping? one per cent to the National GDP. What a contribution from an industry! The insurance gap today is 96 per cent. In other words, one insurance scheme covers less than five per cent of the entire population. Customers tend to paint the insurance business in the country so...  [Read More...]
Personal finance tips: When to skimp on insurance, and more
Getting life or health insurance is a no-brainer. Buying rental car insurance from the rental agency is often redundant ? and expensive ? since your credit card or auto insurance may cover you anyway. And speaking of cars, if you're all paid up on an old car, skip the collision insurance. "If a car is totaled in an accident, insurers only pay the current value of the vehicle." If your old ...
Pet insurance: When do you need it?
Pet insurance is growing in popularity, but it's no less confusing than insurance for humans. However, the right pet insurance policy can take a big bite out of your best friend's veterinary expenses. 
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